acai smoothie bowl

acai smoothie bowl

I love this breakfast and my kids love it, too (even if they often sit over the heater while eating it). You might also hear this frozen ‘meal’ called smoothie bowls (acai only references the flavour) or nice cream. Basically you’re just making a thicker than normal smoothie. Put it in a bowl with a spoon instead of a glass and straw, add toppings if you like, and done. I’m a big believer in changing it up. I find this is a nice way to keep my kids’ interest level high at breakfast time. My 9 year old son came down once when I was making them and shouted:

“Yesss!!! Ice cream for breakfast!”   


Blend in high powered blender:
• 1 frozen banana 
• frozen berries of your choice (I used wild blueberries)
• approx 1/4 – 1/2 cup of non-dairy milk (or use less milk and let the bananas soften for 10 min)
• 2-3 tsp acai berry powder
• 2-3 tsp flax oil (optional)
• small handful baby spinach (optional)


For some brain food I added baby spinach leaves and flax oil as I always do at breakfast for a little omega 3 love, flavonoids, fibre, iron & protein. Acai berry powder helps digestion, is immune and energy boosting, and is anti-aging with one of the highest sources of antioxidants (twice the amount of blueberries!). You can buy it in powder or liquid form (I’ve only tried the powder). I also added to today’s bowl some homemade gluten free granola, shredded coconut and goji berries. These super food berries are rich in iron, anti-inflammatory, immune and memory boosting to name a few. 

Add toppings: 
• chia seed 
• hemp seeds
• sunflower or pumpkin seeds
• goji berries 
• shredded coconut
• fresh berries
• granola
• cacao nibs

Really, anything goes… and beware of brain freeze. Ahhh, but so worth it. mw_text_heartfav