avocado pomegranate toast

avocado pomegranate toast

Avocado on toast is pretty good but once you add these little rubies it takes it to a whole, new level and you’ll never look back. I love pomegranates and I’m finding they work on everything – rice bowls, chocolate cupcakes (that’s everything). 

Perfect example, I just found this photo of my daughter eating pomegranates with almond butter on toast. She said it was amazing, like pomegranate jam.

I went a bit overkill with the pomegranates on the biscuits. You really don’t have to put that many on top. Here’s another shot on toast – I think next time I’ll go somewhere in between. 

Keep it simple. Here it is:

avocado pomegranate toast

• avocado
• juice of lemon, lime or orange
• toasted bread

Mix a whole avocado with as much citrus juice as you want. Add some salt. Spread onto toast. Drop a couple of spoonfuls of pomegranate on top.

TIP FOR REMOVING POMEGRANATES EASILY: Slice a pomegranate in half. Holding one half, upside down over a tall bowl, whack the back of the pomegranate with a wooden spoon and watch them fall out.  

I use toasted gluten free biscuit/rice buns by Organic Oven (dairy free and vegan, too). And, of course, it doesn’t have to be on gluten free bread… for all you gluten lovers, this would be amazing over toasted sourdough bakery bread. My daughter prefers regular bread normally, but loves this on gluten free toast. I use the Queen Street gluten free brand or Thornbury bakery gluten free bread. The secret is to toast it extra long. Enjoy cropped-mw_text_xo_fav.jpg