best natural shampoo

best natural shampoo

I like to research things. If I’m interested in something, I look into it. I look into options – what’s the best product, where to buy it, who has the best price, etc… A few years back I did an online search on natural shampoos and specifically, shampoos that don’t make your hair greasy because a fun fact about me: I don’t like to wash my hair a lot. It’s not that I’m lazy, because I actually quite enjoy the process of washing my hair. It’s like a head massage. But, I don’t like to wash my hair more than twice a week. If you wash your hair too much, you strip the natural oils from your hair, which is not healthy for your hair or your scalp. And the more you wash your hair, the more you need to wash your hair. Next thing your know you are washing you hair every day or every other day. Not good.

My search landed me upon this shampoo and conditioner by Acure. 

Maybe I love it because it instructs you in the directions to belt out an 80s tune while washing your hair. Right up my alley. (The graphic designer in me also thinks the package design is cute!)

For a natural product, it suds really well. And to me, that is step number one to really ridding dirty hair. Most natural products don’t sud very well and I find it hard to really get your hair clean without that frothy lather. You also use less product when it suds well.

It is:
colour safe
gluten free
sulfate free
paraben free
phthalate free
cruelty free
petroleum free
PEG free
synthetic fragrance free
silicone free
100% biodegradable

It is highly moisturizing for your hair – perfect for winter dry or damaged hair, containing argan oil and argan extract, full of antioxidants (it also contains the ingredient acai berry juice, another antioxidant). Argan will also strengthen your hair, prevent breaks and reduce frizz. 

My kids and I love the smell and how it leaves our hair. When we’ve had to use other shampoos we notice our hair gets dirtier faster. They have a variety of types of shampoo and conditioners (they have a great lemongrass and a mint) but we love this ultra-hydrating one the best.

I used to order this from the states, so if you prefer that, check out these two sites: and is another US site and they ship duty free to Canada. I’ve just discovered our Canadian sells it, however they don’t sell the bulk sizes shown in this photo. 

Acure also has a dry shampoo which we recently tried. I’ve heard dry shampoos are filled with unhealthy ingredients but this one passed on the site (a great site to check out the toxicity of body products). (And funny, I just searched the site and can not find their dry shampoo. If you search dry shampoos you will see that they do not have low (healthy) ratings. I did read that Acure’s was a healthy option. I will try to find where I read that.) Regardless, bookmark that website and use it for all your current and future body products – sunscreens, makeup, creams, etc… 

Back to dry shampoo. If you’ve never heard of dry shampoo, it’s for days where you weren’t planning on washing your hair (and no longer would have time to) and you look in the mirror and think “Sh*t. Do you think people will notice?”. That’s when you put dry shampoo in your hands and massage it into your hair, absorbing the oil. It does a fantastic job and gets you through another day. I’ve thrown it on my daughter a few times before running off to school when I catch a glimpse of her left-too-long hair. Highly recommend.