coconut cream hearts

coconut cream hearts

It’s almost annoying the number of health benefits from coconut milk. I want to list them all but it gets to a point where people will think you’re just rambling off a list of any and every health benefit out there.

First of all, these hearts are super easy to make. I love anything that I can freeze until serving, which helps lower multi-tasking-mama mania on the day of. 

Ok…some health benefits. Coconut milk helps fight infection, boosting your immune system with its powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-microbial, is full of heart healthy fats (which convert easily to energy vs being stored), promotes digestive health, nourishes and hydrates skin, amazing for your hair, antioxidants blah blah blah and is dairy free. 

I haven’t decided which hot chocolate recipe I’ll use, though I will probably keep it simple (non-dairy milk, maple syrup, cacao/cocoa powder) since the hearts will add a richness as they melt. Hot chocolate recipe to come… 

dairy free, gluten free, paleo, raw, vegan

coconut cream hearts

• 1 can coconut milk
• 1 tbsp maple syrup
• heart cookie cutter

see my previous post to make the whipped coconut cream

the whipped cream on a cookie sheet 

TIP Spreading the coconut cream onto a silipat silicone baking sheet works well (parchment paper should also work). You can flatten and smooth out the top with a silicone spatula (which I have not done yet in the photo). But don’t worry too much about the top, because once you peel the silicone away from the coconut cream (which you do before cutting) you will have a perfectly flat and smooth bottom side. Just put that side up when you plop the heart into the hot chocolate.

put cookie sheet in freezer (approx an hour). 

hearts with cookie cutter (allow to soften slightly if coconut is too hard, or bang along edges of cookie cutter with something heavy).

Place gently in hot chocolate if you want it to stay white until serving.


NOTE You can use any cookie cutter for any holiday. Perfect for Christmas.