garlic scapes pesto pasta

garlic scapes pesto pasta

I was once told that garlic scapes would be the result of onions and leeks getting together and having a baby (with distant garlic relatives). For this reason, I removed the garlic traditionally found in pesto sauces. It is not needed. This recipe has more of a kick so sauce your pasta lightly if serving to kids. 

I love this wild and loopy veggie (& girl). I took my wild leek pesto pasta recipe and simply replaced the wild leek with garlic scapes. 

dairy free, gluten free, vegan

garlic scape pesto pasta

• 1 bunch of garlic scapes – approx 2 cups

• 1/3 c macadamia &/or walnuts (highly recommend macadamia if you haven’t tried it)

• 1/3 c extra virgin olive oil
• 1/2 tsp sea salt

Puree top 4 ingredients and toss with:
• cooked pasta (Go Go Quinoa’s fusilli, tinkyada or PC brown rice pasta for gluten free)