nurture your skin with avocado oil

nurture your skin with avocado oil

I am 42 and have wrinkles and dry skin like everyone else. Esp after having just gone through 3 months of a patch of the all-stubborn perioral dermatitis (which I treated and rid 100% naturally) that prevented me from using ALL my usual skin care products – even my cleanser. My skin has never felt drier and I swear new wrinkles appeared. So when I chatted with an older woman last month who had amazing, soft, plump (sorry, had to use it), wrinkle-free skin in a health food store line, who only puts cold-pressed avocado oil on her skin (and walks 90 min outside in the winter daily), I was sold and open to trying it. I went home and slathered some on and I was instantly amazed. Even though the perioral dermatitis was already starting to clear up, my skin still never once felt nourished in the day – always tight and dry from the natural products I was sticking to on my face. For the first time all winter my skin felt instantly revived. I only use all natural skin care products and I’ve used other oils on my skin before (the amazing rosehip oil) but even the rosehip oil never absorbed into my skin like the avocado oil does. Can’t explain why. I’m often distracted by how soft my skin feels now when i touch my face, remembering it’s the avocado oil. I highly recommend trying this superfood oil, not only for your face but also try mixing some with your body moisturizer. I did some research and it’s rich in a substance called sterolin which softens the skin and reduces age spots; as well it increases collagen production (making the skin plump) and is high in antioxidants, vitamin A, D & E which is beneficial for healing damaged skin, causing skin to be supple and therefore great for dry or aged skin. I read it is good to treat skin conditions (like the PD), helps relieve dry or itchy skin and that it’s deeply absorbed once applied  and I can attest to all of that 100%. Immediate results. 

Make sure your avocado oil is cold-pressed and not the
avocado oil that is for high heat cooking. I am still on the
hunt for a bottle of organic cold-pressed avocado oil.


  • drink plenty of fluids – lemon water and herbal teas (never had a coffee in my life and it’s been over a decade since I’ve consumed alcohol)
  • sun protection – mineral sunscreens, hats, sunglasses, shade, sun shirts; who doesn’t love the sunshine, but it’s all in balance. Sometimes I’ll go sunscreen-less for a half hour to soak up some good vitamin D then cover up for the rest of the time with sun shirts over bikini, hat etc.. 
  • smoke-free
  • eat/drink plenty of omega-3 and other healthy fats (fish, fish oil, coconut oil, flax oil, etc)
  • I trained myself to back sleep two summers ago for other reasons but a friend pointed out to me that my skin will benefit and she is right! Some are able to tell what side you predominantly sleep on from lines on your face.
  • be gentle with your skin when washing your face and applying product
  • always use natural and organic products when possible; prior to avocado oil I used Neal’s Yard products
  • keep an aloe vera plant on hand to use the gel for extra healing properties when needed