vanilla raspberry chocolate pops

vanilla raspberry chocolate pops

I made these earlier and they were ready for my kids after school today – and were a big hit. Actually my son didn’t think the vanilla layer was vanilla-y enough. But my girls loved all three flavours. My friend was over today and said it was a healthy version of Neapolitan ice cream. You will need to use popsicle sticks, not a stick that has a base on it as you need to add the 2nd and 3rd layer after the 1st layer sits in the freezer.

Coconut milk is an extremely heart-healthy fat with loads of immune-boosting benefits. It is high in fibre, which makes you feel full, longer and it’s great for your skin and hair, as well as anti-aging benefits (so make enough for yourself!). 

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vanilla raspberry chocolate pops

makes 6 popsicles

Blend and pour into first layer of popsicle mould:
• 1 can coconut milk (use plain yogurt if you don’t like coconut)
• 1 tsp vanilla powder 
• 1 tbsp amber maple syrup

Stick moulds into freezer until just firm enough to hold another layer. Approx 20 min.

Pour 1/2 of remaining mixture into cup and add:
• fresh raspberries (or strawberries), 1/2-1 cup

Smash up berries with a fork. Pour into second layer of mould. I also added a hole raspberry into each 2nd layer – may have to poke it down a bit or push it against the side so it’s visible.

Again, stick moulds into freezer again for approx 20 min.

Add into remaining mixture (still in blender) and mix:
• 1 tbsp cocoa or cacao powder (double up if you’re a chocoholic – I do the ‘less is more’ thing)

Pour last layer into moulds, stick popsicle sticks into middle raspberry layer (should be soft enough to break into that layer) and stick in the freezer.

I like to leave it for a good three hours, otherwise when you pull the popsicles out you may lose a layer. One way to help avoid this is to run hot water over the mould before pulling it out so it slides out very easily. Or leave them in overnight to be safe.

If you have covers/bases that slide over popsicle sticks (like this set does) then you can put them on after a few hours as you don’t want to risk shifting the sticks. It’s really important that they freeze well.

Done! Enjoy