baked apples

This healthy snack or breakfast is perfect for cool fall days, especially with all the amazing apple varieties at this time of year. Try using spy, eden, cortland, gala, mutsu or jona gold. They are all great for baking. Do not use the popular mcintosh apples that you can find everywhere. They are much too soft and will turn to mush. 

I’ve made baked apples before by simply coring the apple but my TCM Doc gave me the idea to spiral the apple. He said toothpicks are needed to hold it together (inserting vertically, down into the apple from the top) but I didn’t have to use them. I found the apples stayed together nicely on their own. I now prefer spiral vs simply coring as then it’s easy to break the apple into pieces with a fork. If you want to spiral your apples, you would need this apple corer/peeler, below, that also spirals the apple. I bought mine at an apple farm however you can also find them on

However, there is an advantage to not spiralling the apple. If you simply remove the core, you can leave the skin on the apple and it almost becomes like a shell or bowl, making it easier to scoop out the apple and granola mixture inside. I don’t have a photo of a cored apple with skin, but I do have a spiralled apple with skin (simply hold the peeler back on the apple corer above and your apple won’t get peeled). 
You can also eat the skin cooked. My kids love to eat the long skins after they’ve been peeled, so either way they’re getting the fibre and nutrients from the skin.
baked apples
oven 350º, bake for 45 or until soft
• 1 apple, core removed; optional peeled &/or sliced
• fill hole with homemade or store-bought granola, or even raw rolled oats mixed with cinnamon and raisins or currants
• drizzle maple syrup over top

 Place cored apple in baking dish (individual baking dishes work well too). Add granola mixture and maple syrup. Bake in oven for 45 minutes or until soft. Drizzle more maple syrup over top if needed and add spoonful of plain yogurt (or vanilla ice cream). Serve and enjoy! mw_text_heartfav