easy chicken noodle soup

easy chicken noodle soup

I am so thankful for this recipe. It’s not really even a recipe, it’s just throwing three ready-made ingredients together. I guess I am more thankful that my kids love it so much and how it’s so quick and easy to put together. My kids are always full and happy after this meal, what more could a busy parent on a weeknight want (hmmm, that’s kind of a loaded question)?

It’s great for weeknights, school or weekend lunches and for cold season. I sometimes get a request to make this meal only minutes before meal time (and wonder why I didn’t think of it myself). My kids inhale this soup, sometimes without breathing. 

The gluten free, brown rice noodles – I buy these ones …

(Sorry, I cut off the brand name at the top – Tinkyada. I’d thrown the bag out before realizing I should take a photo so excuse the crumpled bag.) This brand is fantastic because the noodles do not get mushy (even says so on the package!) and my kids love this kind for the fun shapes. The most popular shape being the shooting star. You are supposed to think of a wish as you eat it. (I play, too. I love wishes.)

Ok, so here it goes… super quick. All you need on hand is low sodium chicken stock (even better if it’s homemade… make it yourself or buy it. I bought homemade from Rowe farms and it was fantastic). Left over rotisserie chicken (I’ve used both Rowe Farms and Flock) and these noodles.

gluten free, dairy free

easy chicken noodle soup
makes a lot

• left over rotisserie chicken 
• Tinkyada brown rice noodles (Loblaws brand also works well)
• chicken stock (homemade, if possible)

Cook the noodles to package directions (less a minute or two). Heat the stock on low. Start tearing up small pieces of chicken. Drain the noodles and add to the stock. Add the chicken. Salt to taste, if necessary. Done.