bison broth

bison broth

Bison’s tasty, rich flavour makes a fantastic broth. My kids loved it. I kept it simple and used my Mom’s original chicken stock recipe with some different spices. There was a decent amount of bison meat from the bones that I can put into the soup. Bison is a healthy, lean red meat option that always seems to be allowed (along with lamb) as the only source of red meat to consume while on an elimination diet. I’ve heard it is tolerated by those that can not tolerate red meat – similar to how goat or sheep milk products are often tolerated by those who don’t tolerate cow milk products. 

I don’t eat a lot of red meat but when I do I go for quality. Red meat gets a bad wrap but much of that is the amount people eat. Stick to small portions and opt for grass-fed when possible. I bought grass-fed bison soup bones. 

gluten free, dairy free, paleo, not vegan  

bison stock

• bison bones
• water (depending on how many bison bones you use)
• onion quarters
• carrots 
• celery
• couple bay leaves
• garlic cloves
• broccoli ends
• s&p
• cloves (optional)
• rosemary, thyme, savoury – any spices you crave

Gently boil, then simmer the above ingredients for 2-3 hours. If you want to just flavour your stock and not reduce the amount too much, then cover your pot. To reduce and concentrate your stock, don’t use a lid, or partially cover with a lid. 

I used one pack of bison bones (which gave me two bones). I used approximately 10 cups of water and covered with a lid, but I simmered it for a good 3 hours. It really depends on bones and what else you’re adding and how long you plan to simmer, so don’t be discouraged that I haven’t given exact amounts. 

I plan on breaking up the bison meat and simmering with butternut squash chunks and veggies, maybe some brown rice too.