roasted tahini rice bowl

roasted tahini rice bowl

Rice bowls are my go-to, feel-good meals. They are quick and easy to make (minus the time to cook the rice, but a rice cooker helps make that easy, too) and they fill bellies, giving me at least a few hours of peace before starvation falls upon my kids, again. 

roasted tahini rice bowl

• baby spinach leaves
• olive oil
roasted chic peas
• roasted, diced sweet potatoes 
• brown basmati or long grain brown rice

• tahini/sesame seed butter
• extra virgin olive oil
• garlic clove
• lemon juice
• salt
• parsley, optional

the chic peas and sweet potatoes while the brown rice cooks (approx 40 minutes on stove top, or longer using a rice cooker), in a 400º degree oven for 20 minutes. (See above link for roasting chic peas). Remove chic peas and roast the sweet potatoes (first flipping them) for another 10-15 minutes, or continue to roast both if you want crispier chic peas.

baby spinach leaves in olive oil over low-medium heat, just enough to wilt (approx 2 minutes); remove from heat and add lemon juice

make tahini sauce (or make earlier in day or day prior to save time)

Add sautéed spinach, roasted chic peas and sweet potatoes chunks over brown rice. Drizzle with tahini sauce. Makes for great leftovers, too. Enjoy cropped-mw_text_xo_fav.jpg