tahini sauce

tahini sauce

There are lots of ways to make tahini sauce or dressing. I call this recipe a sauce as it’s thicker and it’s my go-to for rice bowls. However, if you really wanted to use it for a salad, you could simply thin it out with more water &/or lemon juice, or if you prefer it thinner for rice bowls as well.

I made this sauce last night for a rice bowl and ate half of it while waiting for the rice and roasted veggies to cook. I found anything and everything to dip into the tahini – crackers and carrots and pieces of chicken (I had to make another half batch). You can use it as a dip for school lunches with veggies or pita wedges. And pour it over any kind of rice bowl.

gluten free, vegan, dairy free, paleo, nut free

tahini sauce
makes approx 1 cup (I often double the recipe)

• 4 tbsp tahini
• 3 tbsp lemon (4 tsp for lemon tahini)
• 2 tbsp olive oil
• clove garlic (I do half otherwise it’s too strong for the kids)
• 4+ tbsp water to thin out
• 1/4 tsp s+p
• fresh or dried parsley, optional

All of the above. I keep it simple and put everything in a large, pyrex measuring cup and blend with a braun hand mixer. Add more water or lemon to thin if necessary. Store in the fridge in a sealed container. 

I was recently staying in a temporary home where I was without my kitchen gadgets, and found myself simply hand whisking a more basic tahini sauce and it worked fine. So if you are without blenders or are in a rush to pack a falafel dip for school lunches, try whisking by hand just the sesame/tahini, water, lemon and salt. It works.

Quick & easy… enjoy!