healthy freezie popsicle silicone molds

healthy freezie popsicle silicone molds

Every parent needs these 100% non-toxic silicone snack containers because they make kids happy. And happy kids = happy parents 🙂 Lots of uses:

• Yes, you can use them for nut mixes and veggies or anything, really; but, what makes them extra fantastic is that they are leak-proof.

• I really only use them for popsicles – or more like freezies. Store bought freezies gross me out (yes, I ate them as a kid – always hated the cuts I’d get in the sides of my mouth). They are full of crap – glucose, fructose, pooptose, etc… So now you can make your own health versions and your kids will thank you for it! 

• You can mash fruit and mix with yogurt to make frozen yogurt. They’ll stay relatively frozen or in the last cold for school snacks and/or lunches. 

I highly recommend bringing frozen treats to school pick-ups… any grumpy faces that fast approach you after school immediately turn to quiet, blissful smiles. 

They are made by Greenpaxx and come in 4 different colours. I bought mine online at or just search the name to find a local store (think they are officially called ‘GreenPaxx Slim Snack Pop Molds’).

I often throw left over or unwanted smoothies in ours – in the photo was a simple smoothie I made for my 4-year-old but she was in one of those moods where she wasn’t sure what she wanted: banana, rice milk, pineapple & flax oil. 

They are the best – a must have! cropped-mw_text_xo_fav.jpg