roasted new baby potatoes

roasted new baby potatoes

I called my Mom this aft to remind me of this simple recipe. I think we’re often inclined to add garlic and rosemary or other herbs and spices to most roasted potatoes or veggie dishes. I remembered that this recipe is simple yet delicious. My son goes bonkers for this recipe, especially because white potatoes are not a staple in our house (as they are inflammatory, contain almost all starch and have a high glycemic index… which means they convert to sugars quickly causing spikes of glucose in the blood, raising your blood sugar level… which is associated with weight gain and other health concerns like type 2 diabetes). But, these little suckers are so tasty that I welcome them on occasion. 

I bought ours at our local market this afternoon after school with the kids. I opted for the basket that had itty bitty baby ones (smaller than golf balls). Most local markets are flooded with this variety right now.

gluten free, vegan 

roasted new baby potatoes

preheat oven to 400-425

wash potatoes then place in pot of boiling water until tender – approx 10 min (you want a knife to slide in and out relatively easily, but you don’t want them fully cooked)

strain potatoes and place on cookie sheet (they should dry quickly)

lightly press down on each potato – you want to give them a little pop till they split (I used a glass cup), you don’t want to smash them with a fork, like a cookie 

drizzle on the oil – I used avocado oil for its health benefits and ability to withstand high heat, not breaking down (up to 500º vs extra virgin olive oil at 320-350º); give the pan a shake to coat the undersides, too

add salt & pepper

after about 15 minutes, remove pan and single-handedly flip each one (My mom does this which I initially thought was overkill – why not just attack the pan with a spatula? – but that way never ensures they all get flipped and these little suckers are worth browning properly on both sides.)

Done! Make lots because they’ll go fast.