swiss chard pasta

swiss chard pasta

This meal is a favourite go-to in our house. Comfort food at its best and good in any season (which is perfect for now as I’m not sure what season we are in). I always know I’m getting a good dose of vitamins and minerals when I eat dark leafy greens – vitamins C, K & A, as well as fibre , magnesium, potassium and iron from antioxidant loaded swiss chard (rainbow swiss chard being the prettiest). The chili flakes and diced walnuts topping give it a nice little kick.

You can use soba noodles (I’ve used kamut soba noodles) or any favourite noodle. I use spaghetti, penne or rotini brown rice noodles or another favourite is the Go-Go Quinoa rotini noodles (they tend to stay el dente no matter how long you cook them). 
I use tamari – which is a wheat free soy sauce, which also contains less sodium than traditional soy sauce. 
gluten free, dairy free, vegan
swiss chard pasta 
serves 4-6

• package of soba or any noodles (spaghetti, penne or rotini works nice)
• rainbow swiss chard bunch, leaves trimmed from stems and chopped (smaller pieces for smaller kids)
• extra virgin olive oil
• 2 garlic cloves, crushed
• 2-3 tbsp tamari 
• up to tbsp ginger, grated
• chili flakes
• walnuts, diced
in olive oil on medium heat, minced ginger and garlic

chopped swiss chard and tamari

covered for 10 minutes
My kids like it saucy, so I add extra olive oil and tamari if necessary at the end.  

with walnuts &/or chili flakes
My brother adds lemon zest to almost everything, I think I will try it as a garnish next time I make this.