turmeric elixirs

turmeric elixirs

The first thing I do when I wake up, aside of placing lemon water at everyone’s seat at the table (post coming next reviewing why this is important), is to place a glass of elixir beside their water. 

Moonshine Mamas has a great elixir that contains turmeric. There are other elixirs out there but this one differs because of the turmeric (and great flavour options). Turmeric has been getting a lot of buzz and research these days backing not only its anti-inflammatory properties (think joint pain, allergies) but also other health benefits (anti-depressant, detoxes liver, fights disease and cancer).

I have a couple of recipes for warm turmeric drinks (turmeric latte, golden milk), however, this elixir is a really easy way to get your daily dose. EASY. Key word: easy. I like easy.

Some people might shy away from elixirs because of the price. Though, keep in mind that a small amount goes a long way. All your body needs, daily, to reap health benefits from the ingredients  is 1 oz a day (2 tbsp). So, measure it out vs free pouring. You can drink more (it’s hard not to, because they are absolutely delicious) but it’s a bit of a waste as your body can’t absorb more. Your daily dose of turmeric is in the 1 oz (approx 4 grams). (FYI, dry turmeric powder daily dose is 1/2 tsp.)

There are 4 flavours – sour cherry, turmeric, turmeric lime and winter warrior. The ingredient base is the same – anti-inflammatory ginger, lemon, turmeric & raw honey. Winter warrior (which is only available from Sept until the elderberries run out) has powerful immune boosting properties from the elderberries; they are rich in flavonoids, antioxidants and contain high amounts of vitamin C, A and B6, potassium, iron, fibre and beta carotene. 

I take my elixir shot straight up. Some like to add water or juice. (It makes a great non-alcoholic drink to serve with fizzy water).
These ingredients are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal, not to mention alkalizing (having an alkaline, vs acidic system gives you a better immune system with more energy, better digestion and is disease fighting). It feels good having an easy way to give my family a daily dose of turmeric. However, the other elixir ingredients can’t be overlooked:
GINGER  relieves nausea and digestive problems, cancer fighting and helps prevent infections.
LEMON  also helps with digestive issues, flushes toxins from your system, balances your ph levels (alkaline), cuts phlegm
RAW HONEY  anti-bacterial and healing properties (wounds), slowly absorbed (providing sustained energy), contains variety of minerals (iron, potassium, calcium, B complex)
I’m pouring 1 tbsp of the cherry into a shot glass for my sick 5 year old right now (Hello, school – the revolving door or germs). But often my kids will mix it with sodastream water. The other elixir I’ve used is the Meredith Elixir. Hers does not contain turmeric. I use this one to serve non-alcoholic drinks, when needed. It blends really nicely with our sodastream fizzy water. Or if I do want to go beyond my 1 oz, I’ll take a swig of this one (lemon is my fav).
Check out the links above to find this product. Moonshine Mamas was started locally, here in Thornbury, Ontario, by a woman diagnosed with cancer, and her sister – both determined to make something to help bring her back to good health. They definitely succeeded. And, now we benefit. Thank you, Moonshine Mamas!