baked chicken strips

baked chicken strips

A healthy version of the usual fried chicken strips or chicken fingers. I love making this baked version for picnics or school lunches. Ideally, you want to marinate the chicken prior, but I’ve also made them on the fly and they’ve tasted great. They come out juicy and crispy from the oven. 

gluten free, dairy free, soy free

breaded chicken strips
450º, 10-15 min baking time; makes plenty

• 2 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into strips
• 2 cups gluten free bread crumbs (if you can’t buy any make your own or go for bakery sourdough bread; by all means if you are not gluten free use regular bread crumbs)
• lemon zest of 1 lemon

• 3 tbsp olive oil
• 2 tbsp water
• 1 tbsp lemon juice
• 2 tbsp dijon
• chopped fresh thyme, to taste
• sea salt, to taste
• optional – dice up 2-4 tbsp capers, rinsed and dried

PREPARE MARINADE  Mix lemon zest, olive oil, water, lemon juice, thyme and dijon in a large container (that ideally has a lid so it can be stored in the fridge). Add half of the diced capers, if using. Add the chicken strips and marinate in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

PREPARE BREAD CRUMBS  In a bowl or ziploc bag, add the bread crumbs, some thyme (if you have any leftover) salt and half the diced capers, if using.

Place 1-3 strips at a time in the bag and shake the bag around, covering the chicken with the crumb mixture. Place strip on baking sheet. Repeat.

Put baking sheet in 450º oven for approx 10 minutes, depends on how thin your strips are. You can take one out at 10 min and test it. Nothing is worse then dry chicken. Squeeze lemon on top and serve. If I’m sending these to school in a thermos I like to add a slice of lemon or two at the top of the thermos.