banana free smoothie

banana free smoothie

Not sure about the name of this smoothie, but it gets the main point across, and draws attention to other options, as people often get stuck on bananas. I get a lot of people telling me they can’t eat bananas. I don’t put enough cacao powder in it to call it a chocolate smoothie (though, feel free to add more cacao if you like). Here are a few things you can use to thicken smoothies, in place of bananas:

• granola (see ski club smoothie)
• nuts or nut butter (see smoothies)
• avocado (see smoothies)
• chia seeds
• coconut butter (instagram post from October 23, 2016)

This particular smoothie uses avocado. I’ve been drinking my usual cinnamon almond smoothie every day, lately, so I thought I should change it up a bit. Actually, that’s a bit of a lie, I realized this morning I didn’t have any bananas. So, yes, I was forced to change it up a bit. I’m a believer in food rotation so I do think it’s important to not eat the same foods every day. I was happy to grab an avocado out of my fridge and dig up an older recipe. You can see that the smoothie is not very dark in colour. If you want more chocolate by all means add a tbsp or more. I wanted just a hint of a chocolate.

gluten free, dairy free, vegan, paleo

banana free smoothie
makes 1 smoothie

• 1 c rice milk (or fav non-dairy milk)
• 1/2 – 3/4 ripe avocado
• 3-4 tbsp shredded coconut (or 1-2 tbsp coconut butter)
• tsp cacao powder (chocolate lovers, feel free to add more)
• tsp (or more) flax oil
• 1/2 – 1 tbsp maple syrup
• 3 or 4 ice cubes
• optional — scoop vital proteins collagen peptides protein powder – flavourless (the best!)

• optional – handful of raw cashews (or 1-2 tbsp cashew butter)
(UPDATE: I just made this again and omitted the cashews and used coconut butter instead of the shredded coconut and it was DELICIOUS.)